without the help of sponsors or partners a festival like the gans anders wouldn’t be possible. we are choosing them really carefully. If you are interested, we invite you to visit their websites.


We are really thankfull for the financial support of wko. As a company and member in triol, we also get profite from their network

we are not only working really close with the city of innsbruck. but we also get finanacial support from the city marketing.

beacuse we are building a new infrastructure for the festival,our points of contact with the IKB are enormous. that's why we are even happier to get a sponsoring from our friends at the IKB.


as a green event we are happy to have fritz-kola as our partner. a product that doesn't have to be shipped around the whole globe is always the best product.

our team is working for 3 weeks to build, to run and to rebuild the festival. noodles are perfect to give everybody the necessary energy. so thanks for that!

not only the team has to be fed but also our guests. that's why we are lucky to partner with Rupp to create an unforgetable vegeterian burger for you.

as a green event and a festival which is totally vegan and vegetarian, planted is the only rational partner. with their help we were able to create so many tasty meals.

the most important meal of the day is the breakfast. as our partner for the last three years we couldn't wish for someone better to support us in the morning.

mobility partner

one of our big goals is to create a festival with the lowest possible footprint. a green and save transportation for the guests to the gans anders festival gets us one step closer to that goal. the IVb helped us so much with this problem by providing a shuttle service from the city to the festival and back to the city, as our official mobility partner.